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Perspectives ep.03: Marco Frazon - Computing power and generative AI


In the third episode of "Perspective," Pablo Apiolazza talks with Marco Franzon, Data Engineer at eXact lab and CTO of Dualistic, to explore the intersections of technology in Cloud Computing and Generative AI.

Together, they explore the world of cloud computing, touching subjects like the local versus cloud storage, Kubernetes and microservices, how these technologies redefine the scalability and efficiency of cloud solutions, Generative AI, traditional vs AI algorythms, computational costs and sustainability, SORA and SDV, and the future of the tech industry in an AI driven paradigm.

Marco Franzon brings is a Data Engineer at eXact Lab, company specialised in high performance computing and the co-founder and CTO of Dualistic, a 2023 startup specializing in digital twin technology. With an educational background in biochemistry and data science from the University of Trieste, Marco has honed his focus on machine learning and MLOps, emphasizing the transition of ML models from research to production. His commitment to the ML community is evident through his active maintenance of public projects that share foundational knowledge on machine learning and MLOps. Marco is also a prominent voice on social media platforms like X and LinkedIn, where he engages in discussions on RAGs and Generative AI, spurred by his involvement in a cutting-edge RAG project at eXact lab.

Join us for this timely discussion that traverses the intersections of technology, culture, and global sustainability, offering listeners valuable insights and actionable steps to contribute to global goals during this pivotal week of global action.

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